Sales tax holiday for children’s books, May 14–August 14, 2022

Lauded as Florida’s “first sales tax exemption period on children’s books,” this new sales tax holiday establishes a temporary exemption for any fiction or nonfiction book “primarily intended for children ages 12 or younger” (sorry teens).

Per the Florida Department of Revenue: “If a book is labeled with an age range that includes 12 years old and younger, then the book qualifies for the exemption.” Eligible audiobooks on CD or tape also qualify. Bibles, prayer books, and school books are always exempt from Florida sales tax.

The exemption doesn’t apply to books “intended for or marketed to adults,” even if purchased for a child 12 years old or younger (sorry parents of precocious readers).

There are no price restrictions, but if an eligible book is sold with a noneligible book, sales tax applies to the full sales price of the set. See this tax information publication for more details.

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