Assistant Manager

Jobs Description

The Assistant Store Manager’s primary responsibility is supporting the Store Manager.  Under the leadership of the Store Manager, delivering great client experience, flawlessly executing brand and operational standards to manage sales. Also performs Human Resource functions and ensuring maximum profitability.

Areas of Responsibility

Brand and Values

Vision, Mission & Values

Ensures that all employees are informed about and live the SR Concepts vision, mission and values

Sales and Service

Sales Team Management

Maximizes the sales performance of all sales associates by coaching them to exceed KPIs and sales targets, motivating and role modeling expected behaviors daily

Selling the PANDORA Way

Optimizes the sales volume and KPI goals by securing the use of the PANDORA Way Selling with all sales associates

After Sales Service

Ensures a high level of after-sales service by proactively following up on sales orders, deliveries and claim handling



Staff Management

Planning and Prioritizing

(Refer to Operations Manual)

Supports the Store Manager in planning and prioritizing the daily responsibilities, tasks and staffing according to traffic flow and planning tools

Staff Motivation and Development

Under the direction of the Store Manager, motivates and develops all associates individually and on a team level to reinforce and improve performance. This should be done daily by being on the floor and by being an exemplary role model.

Staff Recruitment and Retention

Assists in store staffing by recruiting and onboarding the best candidates by role


Product Range

Product Knowledge

Serves as a role model and coach to ensure that all associates have a high level of product knowledge regarding target groups, national product strategy, product range and selling arguments


Marketing and Visuals

Marketing Activities

Assists in planning and implementing required marketing activities, PR and events according to overall Marketing Plan and activity guidelines to ensure a continuous traffic flow

Store Layout and Visuals

(Refer to Operations Manual)

Helps to ensure a continuous updating and styling of the showroom to optimize sales, space management and presentation of the product range, according to the Visual Guidelines


Logistics & Inventory


(Refer to Operations Manual)

Supports the optimal flow of goods from purchasing to customer deliveries, by continuously controlling and following up on all orders


(Refer to Operations Manual)

Assists in keeping an appropriate stock level for store and in keeping stock rooms/sales areas are well organized. Helps to ensure that all POS transactions are properly completed.



Administration & IT


(Refer to Operations Manual)

Continuously oversees store paperwork flow and sets up administrative flow and routines


Ensures optimal use of all IT tools by confirming all associates are trained on and use the tools appropriately



Finance & Key Figures

Key Figures

Understands and helps to set sales targets for the main key figures of the store and regularly follows up at both the individual and team levels. Reports behavioral observations that link results to the Store Manager.


Store Routines

Store Routines

(Refer to Operations Manual)

Supports the Store Manager to ensure that all store routines are identified and delegated on a daily, weekly, monthly, biannual and annual basis



Performance Evaluations

Store sales and KPI results, Mystery Shopping Reports and Payroll Reports


Education / Experience Requirements

Experience and Experience

  • A relevant commercial education
  • 1-3 years retail management experience
  • Experience in selling specialty, luxury and/or lifestyle consumer goods, preferred
  • Experience in working with a branded concept is preferred

Personal Qualifications

  • High energy level and enthusiasm
  • Business and results oriented
  • Excellent communications skills (engaging and presenting)


How to Apply

Apply in store